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If you are looking to convert PDF to word online then you are in the right place, our PDF to Word converter is industry known and is recommended by many people. This will convert your PDF files quickly and free without any formatting problems.

Free To Use

You shouldn’t have to pay to convert your files and that’s why we invented AdroitPDF, our PDF to Word converter is free and will always remain free to use.

Quick And Easy

Converting your files using our website is so simple and quick, simply select your PDF file and wait for our servers to complete the process. Once completed you can download your converted file straight from our website.

Top Quality Conversions

We have designed our converter so it only outputs the highest quality conversions, this means you will never have any trouble with the formatting like you tend to see with other websites

Working With all Platforms

We have designed our pdf to word converter with you, the user in mind. For this reason we have ensured that our script works perfectly no matter what device you are using. Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome they all work!

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We know that time is important and that’s why we have made our pdf to doc converter so fast, simply upload your file then give our system a few seconds to convert the file, yes a few seconds it all it takes.


When you use our converter all the magic happens in the cloud meaning everything Is done online, all you need to do it sit back and relax until the conversion is complete. There is not need to store or download any 3rd party software.

How To Convert PDF To Word Online

1. Locate your PDF file and upload it directly to our website by clicking the “choose file” button

2. Wait for our servers to magically convert your PDF file into an editable word document

3. Once your file is converted hit the download file, this will download your converted file from our servers.

Why convert PDF To Word?

Editing a PDF file directly is a very difficult task and it’s almost impossible to do it correctly, this is why people need to convert the file to a Microsoft word document. Word is the preferred format as many people are familiar with this software and it’s very easy to use. Once converted you will then have the ability to edit the file to your needs then save it directly as a word file or even change it straight back to a PDF.

While there are many tools out there, we are proud to say we still remain best, when using our tool your word file will look exactly like your PDF file without any formatting problems, we created this tool after realising that there are no good free pdf to word converters which work purely in the cloud, we tried tested all the other tools to find that most of the time we would run into formatting problems or at times the file wouldn’t convert at all.

What Is a PDF File?

The PDF file extension stands for Portable Document Format, PDF documents are normally used to share read-only documents as it preserves the layout of the page. They are usually used for documents such as eBooks, user manuals, scanned documents, application forms and many more. Although PDF files are designed to be read only there may be a time when you need to edit one, and that’s why we have created this website which allow you to easily and quickly convert your PDF to DOCX file.

The PDF file format was created by Adobe in the early 1990 for two things, The first reason is so that people can open these documents on any operating system without needing the software used to create it. All you would need is a simple PDF reader. The second reason being no matter where you open the file, the layout will look the same.

What Is A Word File (.DOCX)

The DOCX file extension is a used by Microsoft Word Open XML, DOCX files can be used for a variety of things ranging from reports, cover letters, newsletters, flyers and much more. All these files normally contain text, however at times they can contain images, styles, rich formatting and objects.

Microsoft started using DOCX files for Word in early 2007, while the earlier releases of word still used the classic DOC file extension, our converter will still convert the old .DOC format but since it’s outdated you might come across some small bugs, if you do please contact us to report the bug.

DOCX files are much smaller and easier to support compared to the outdated DOC file used in 2007. The format is XML-based which means all the content will be stored in separate files which allows it to be compacted in a single compressed ZIP file.