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Our software are available as try-before-buy i.e. you can download a free trial version of our products to evaluate performance, system compatibility, working, your fulfillment etc. You can verify that whether the program is meeting your requirement or not.

Placing an order for full version is an automatic process, payment collection and registration code delivery is automatic, so cancellation of order is not possible after order has been processed successfully.Registration code could not be disabled once delivered to you.

We provide refund in following condition:
If any bug or error occurred and we are unable to rectify that issue.
If you placed duplicate order by error.

We don’t provide refund in following condition:
If you don’t specify any specific reason of refund and saying that we are uninstalling the product and will not use in future.
Requesting for a refund for "Registration backup service" or "Extended download service" which provided by the third party payment processor.
Mistakenly placed wrong product order.
If requesting refund due to technical issues without writing to us with detailed description of the problem, screenshots too if required.
Wrong email address is used during product order.
If requesting for refund due to the feature not specified or claim in our website.

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