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AdroitPDF lock Help/Support Guide:

Please follow the steps stated here to use our program:

Step1: Add Pdf files:

Press/Click “Add Files” button to import pdf document from your computer to program list and the imported document will be listed as shown below. If you wish to remove any wrong selection, click “Remove” button or click “Empty list” to remove all the imported pdf documents.

Step 2: Set the naming convention of output pdf:
Set the naming convention of output pdf files. Please leave the field blank if you wish the same name pdf as output pdf otherwise the output pdf file name will be like this: {input pdf name} + {suffix you typed in the program}.

Step 3: Specify output path for locked pdf:
Default path for the output pdf document is your computer desktop, however program is provided with the option to change the location by clicking“Browse” button.

Step 4: Settings to set pdf encryption strength, password & restrictions:
Click “Settings” button to set the pdf strength, password and user restrictions.

Specify Encryption Level:
You can define the encryption method by selecting drop down menu; available encryption methods are:
40 bit RC4,
128 bit RC4,
128 bit AES &
256 bit AES.

Specify Password:
User password is one which is required to open locked pdf file and you can define it by selecting “Password to open pdf files” checkbox.
Owner password is one which is required to lock pdf rights and you can define it by selecting “Password to restrict permissions for edit, print & copy” checkbox.
Specify Permissions: Here you can define the permissions which you which to allow for pdf user after encryption completion. You can allow pdf editing, printing & copying. By default, all these permissions are set to Not Allowed mode.

Step 5: Lock Pdf:
Click “lock pdf” button now to lock all the pdf document(s) and all the encrypted pdf will be save at your predefined location.

Use AdroitPDF Unlocker:
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If you need any further assistance, please write to us at support{at}adroitpdf.com.

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