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Customizing PDF File Locking Restrictions with AdroitPDF Locker

AdroitPDF Locker is a graphical user interface based software utilizing user friendly tool. It enables PDF file owners to customize restrictions and lock PDF files from unauthorized file access. This ensures security of documents regardless of device or application software used. Locked pdf file can be protected from editing, printing, content copying, form filling, signing, commenting, data extraction and conversion etc.

AdroitPDF Locker is built with latest in data encryption technology that supports data security levels of both RC4 and AES type. It is user friendly tool allow smooth and convenient customization of PDF file restrictions while its features enables users to customize access levels and methods and protects PDF documents via two types of password generated accessibility.

AdroitPDF allows you to customize and lock PDF files with the help of the software’s features which provides a program list that helps users gather and build a list of PDF documents for locking. It has a built-in metadata resource that helps in defining and customizing input path and output name, and output path of locked PDF files.
Two types of passwords can be generated using AdroitPDF Locker, proving two type of accessibility to locked PDF files.

The fist type is the user password which allows the document owner to lock the file without file restrictions. This enables the document owner to view the file in full, which is why this password type is also referred to as “open password”. Using the owner password enables the document owner to customize restrictions on locked PDF files. Restrictions can be made as PDF editing, printing, content copying, form filling, signing, commenting, PDF file copying, or page extraction.

This second type of password can also be referred to as the “restrictions password”. This password generates a version of the locked PDF file with the document owner’s customized restrictions, allowing access to PDF files based only on the characteristics defined by document owner. This allows secure and safe PDF file retrieving and handling.

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Download Free Demo of Pdf Encryption Software!
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