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Adobe pdf encryption Software
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Know About Pdf Encryption

Encryption is a process of making information secrets from unwanted or unauthorized users. Encryption software scrambles the document/file information with a secret key. Adobe Pdf encryption software encrypts entire pdf file content with strong encryption key, locks pdf editing, printing, copying and sets pdf password. This password may be user password and owner password.
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Why Pdf Encryption:
You may be in need of Adobe pdf encryption software due to many reasons. It may for locking document with user/open password or for restricting some permission in document. AdroitPDF Locker provides capability to protect your pdf document with user password so that only authorized or limited users can open & view locked pdf with correct open password. Your pdf may have private & confidential data, bills, training courses, office documents, future plans, architecture designs etc and you must have one Adobe pdf encryption software program.
Why Pdf Encryption
Pdf Encryption Strength:
Encrypting pdf document is not only the task you are doing for locking document, but looking for the strong encryption strength (level) is also a selection before encryption. Our pdf encryption software provides all level of encryption security, in fact US government allowed AES encryption too. You can choose lower level security RC4 (40-bit, 128-bit) or higher level security AES (128-bit, 256-bit) using our pdf encryption software.
Pdf Encryption Password & Restrictions:
During Adobe Pdf Encryption process you will be asked for two passwords, one is user password and another is owner password. Sometime we called owner password as master password because owner password is one which becomes responsible for all the restrictions. Owner password helps in restricting & locking pdf changing, pdf printing, pdf copying, pdf form filling, pdf signing, pdf page extraction, content copying for accessibility and pdf page extraction etc. However user password is only need to open and view pdf file with correct password.
Use Adroit Pdf Locker software to encrypt batch Adobe pdf documents. Import pdf files for locking, select encryption strength, set password and restrictions and finally hit Lock pdf button. Adroit pdf locker software is standalone, robust, self-descriptive and Windows XP, Vista, 7, Windows 8 compatible tool restrict (encrypt) bulk pdf files effortlessly.
Windows OS versions 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, vista, and Windows 7 & Windows 8.

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Pdf encryption Software
Pdf encryption Software
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